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Updated 14 May 2011

SOP Volume 5

42. Prescription Filing 

43. Sending Prescriptions to the PPA 

44. Syringe Exchange (Enhanced) 

45. Observed Consumption (Enhanced) 

46. Pregnancy Testing 

47. Root Cause Analysis 

48. Self care advice for those who are overweight 

49. Self care advice for those with hypertension 

50. Signposting

51. Monitoring owings (audit)

SOP Volume 6

52. Drug Alerts and Recalls

53. Staff Training

54. Induction for new staff

55. Induction of new Pharmacists

56. Dealing with Fire

57. Cleaning the Premises

58. Opening the Pharmacy

59. End of Day / Closing the Pharmacy

60. Refrigerator Maintenance

61. Equipment Maintenance

62. Giving Advice for Malaria Prophylaxis

SOP Volume 7

63. Dealing with violent customers

64. Smoking Cessation

65. Blood Glucose testing

66. Running tally of CDs

67. Clinical Audit

68. Child Protection

69. Preparation of Methadone Mixture

70. Prescription Delivery System

71. Data Protection

72. Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle

SOP Volume 8

73. Running a patient satisfaction survey

74. Delivery of CDs to patients

75. Receipt, Storage and Destruction of CDs

76. Managing changes from POM to P

77. Maintaining a Smoke Free environment

78. Managing an Accuracy Checking Technician

79. Cashing up at the end of the day

80. Sending and receiving faxes

81. Demonstrating how to use a peak flow meter

82. Dealing with the Freedom of Information Act 2000


SOP Volume 1

0. Overarching SOP for SOPs

1. Prescription Reception

2. Pharmaceutical assessment

3. Intervention and problem solving

4. Label Production

5. Assembly of Rx

6. Accuracy checking

7. Transfer to patient

8. Prescription Owings

9. Repeat Dispensing

10. Prescription Collection Services

11. Disposal of unwanted medicines

SOP Volume 2

12. Supplying medicines in a compliance aid

13. Assessing eligibility for supply in a compliance aid

14. Private Prescriptions

15. Controlled Drugs

16. Sale of OTC medicines by counter staff

17. Sale of OTC involving the Pharmacist

18. Methadone Dispensing

19. Medicines Use Review

20. Emergency Supply

21. Extemporaneous Dispensing

SOP Volume 3

22. Obtaining Specials

23. Chronic Conditions Advice

24. Assessing Clinical Significance

25. MDS in Nursing Homes

26. Dealing With Other Healthcare Professionals

27. Stock Control

28. Stock Ordering

29. Stock Receipt and Integrity Checking

30. Complaints Procedures

31. Confidentiality

SOP Volume 4

32. Near miss incident recording

33. Dispensing Error Recording and Reporting

34. Minor Ailments Scheme (Enhanced)

35. Health and safety of the public

36. Health and safety for the staff

37. Sale of Emergency Hormonal Contraceptives

38. Blood pressure monitoring

39. Self care advice for Diabetics

40. Self care advice around smoking

41. Prescription Counting


Our SOPs are mainly supplied as Disks of 10 or 11 SOPs

But they are also available as single SOPs

Complete List of 124 SOPs from The Informacist

Requires Microsoft Excel® (or Open Office {supplied on our CDs})

Standard Operating Procedures

SOP Volume 9

83 Advice on anticoagulant therapy

84 Influenza Vaccination under a PGD

85 Advising on Falls in the Elderly

86 Dealing with a Fall in the Pharmacy

87 Measuring and Fitting a truss

88 CD Requisitions

89 Supply of EHC under a Patient group Direction

90 Supplying Methotrexate

91 Cholesterol Measurement

92 Measuring and fitting Surgical Hosiery

93 Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions (Phase I)

SOP Volume 10

94 Appliances

95 Procedures when the pharmacist is absent

96 Chlamydia Testing

97 Procedures when the CD key is missing

98 Procedures when a CD Rx is missing

99 Needle Stick Injury

100 Continuity Planning

101 The OTC sale of Clamelle

102 The OTC sale of Alli

103 Pandemic Planning

SOP Volume 11

104 RP Certificate and Pharmacy Log

105 RP The Responsibilities of a RP

106 RP Handing over to the next RP

107 RP Planning After an Incident

108 RP Allowable Absences

109 RP Staff Competencies

110 RP SOP Changes and audit trail

111 Handling computer failure

112 Disposal of clinical waste

113 Vascular Risk Assessment

SOP Volume 12

114 IG Staff and Third Party Confidentiality Clauses

115 IG Mapping Information Flows

116 IG Transfers of Patient Identifiable Information abroad

117 IG Collecting Patient Consents

118 IG Access Rights to the PMR

119 IG Secure transfer of Digital Information

120 IG Monitoring Mobile Computer Systems

121 IG Incident Management for loss of PII

122 IG Creating & Maintaining a Safe Haven

123 Dispensing Methadone via Methameasure

124 IG Safe use and storage of Smart Cards


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